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San Coffee
The best coffee in the region

San coffee

Quality Beans

From the Farm to the roasting stage our beans are picked following a highly selective process.

Unforgettable Aroma

San coffee plants are the variety of the Coffee Arabica species and are grown on fertile volcanic soils on high-altitude hills.

Worldwide Services

We use DHL for international delivery, we can reach you in any corner of the world.

About SAN

Coffee is our business

San company img
  • Who we are

SAN Company operates from Rwanda and specializes in coffee trade.

  • Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to push coffee boundaries, set new standards and grow coffee businesses. Wherever we go, we’re all about educating, inspiring, collaborating and sharing specialty coffee experiences.

  • What we offer you

We offer roasted coffee in packages of 1kg, 500g and 250g and we offer green coffee beans.

"Science may never come up with a better office communication system than the coffee break."
— Earl Wilson

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We are here to serve you better.

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+250 783 503 488


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